Ty Headlee is a part of the new generation of actors that are taking advantage of what social media offers their audience. Playing a hand in writing and directing his sketches, Ty brings a new side of himself to every project he is a part of. By choosing to take charge of his own story, instead of waiting for someone else to, he’s built a platform that he’ll take to the top. Ty is a perfect example of what is possible when you take the risk and chase your dreams.

Jefferson Tapered Jeans- Black
$59.95 USD$29.95 USD
Faction Hoodie- Rose
$35.95 USD$21.57 USD
Staple Long Sleeve - White
$34.95 USD$20.95 USD
Head 2 Head Long Sleeve- Red
$34.95 USD$20.95 USD
Desert Breeze Tee- Black
$24.95 USD$14.97 USD